Dota2Betz experts tell how they analyze pro Dota 2 players and why it is essential.

Although Dota2 is a team game, it is crucial to consider the play of specific players. Each team has some key positions. Some of them have already proven over time that they are universal professionals, ready to show good results regardless of what rules of the game IceFrog dictates. On the contrary, others formed such an opinion that they can play only under certain conditions. Otherwise, they show far from the best results.

That is why Dota2Betz analysts decided to share information on how to analyze Dota 2 players properly and why you need to do it.

What to look for when analyzing players in Dota 2

Of course, if a team plays at major tournaments, this is already a reason to say that they are top Dota 2 players, but in fact, not all of them show a perfect game, so many factors may be useful to your analytics:

It will be easier for you to understand what perspectives each team has by analyzing all these factors.

If a rookie joins a team without being ready, they may lose income not only for themselves but for the squad as well. In order to become a pro in Defense of the Ancients, raise your awareness regarding other opponents as well; play independently, and then think about teaming up. will keep you posted regarding any betting opportunities in this eSport.