Dota 2 Streams

Dota2Betz analysts tell why they analyze live Dota 2 streams and what they pay attention to.

Dota2 is a discipline in which players themselves willingly share useful information on their streams. Many helpful things can be obtained by watching streams from professional players, and it is not necessary to follow only the best.

In this regard, Dota2Betz analysts decided to tell why this should be done at least periodically.

Why watch Dota 2 streams before betting

Here is a short list of information that a bettor can get by watching pro Dota 2 streams:

  • Of course, this is one of the essential things a bettor expects when he watches streams Dota 2. It is often possible to find out earlier that a team plans to change some players or the team has some problems.
  • Hero pool. After the patch, you can pay attention to professional players’ Dota 2 live stream to understand which heroes will be used in tournaments and upcoming matches. For this, it is best to look at the top players because they often guide everyone else.
  • Game tricks. If a team shows consistently good results, some players can share exciting tricks on the stream, particularly Dota 2 tournament stream. By looking at how players from other teams use them, you can see if they will perform this meta well.

In any case, professional esports players will always be an excellent source of information for the bettor. Keep in mind that although they watch fewer professional matches, they have a more subjective point of view on the game, they still understand it well and can provide a lot of useful information. Therefore, we recommend watching Dota 2 streams before betting.