Dota2Betz experts tell how to analyze Dota 2 team rankings and why it is essential.

Dota 2 Team Rankings

Dota 2 is a game in which the team’s skill is more important than certain players’ individual skills. OG can be called one of the most striking examples of how players who were considered not the strongest in almost every position, as a result, managed to beat the best world teams, setting many records. That is why it is more important to analyze best Dota 2 teams and not the players themselves.

In this regard, Dota2Betz analysts decided to share information about how teams in Dota 2 are analyzed and what you need to pay attention to during Dota 2 ranking analytics.

What to look for when analyzing Dota 2 teams

Several factors are most important to consider when analyzing a team:

Considering these factors, you can quickly compile your own Dota 2 team ranking and use it later during analytics. We recommend that you have notes for each team and always place your bets based on them.

If the ranking suddenly reaches number one, do not assume that it will stay there. In order to ensure that your bet is on point and that your money is on the best Dota 2 teams, you should check the maps that the players are on – along with the characteristics of the lineup. If a unit has lower points but with an increasing comparative strength, it may not be long until they receive dominance of the world rankings. So, keep this in mind when betting!