What Did Valve Do with the TI10 Battle Pass Money?

Every year, people are waiting to see teams play against each other in the Dota 2 International, as well as engage in betting and place bets for their favorite team on esports betting sites.

But aside from bets, people also want to see the Battle Passes that have been released annually for several years now. The TI10 Battle Passes managed to gather as much as $40 million back in 2020, but the event was postponed. Where did the money go, though?

The Uncertainty Surrounding the Money

Valve declared that the money from the battle passes would not be pumped into The International 2021. This has made many people worried about what will happen with this amount, especially since many of them contributed as well.

Usually, the money is used in the prize pool of the event, but if it won’t be added to the new competition, it is unlikely that the professional Dota players will see any of this money. People are very worried as a result, especially considering Valve didn’t say what they did with the battle pass money.

What Might Happen with the Money?

Some people think that Valve might simply take the money, which would ruin all the trust between the fans and the organization. But it isn’t guaranteed that this will happen.

The Dota 2 International battle pass money may simply be combined with the 2021 battle pass money. This would make the prize pool for The International 2021 even higher.

A lot of people also think that Valve should put this money into the DPC season, so they can create a better pro scene.

TI10 will happen in August 2021 in Stockholm, and Valve will come out with more information until then. In the meantime, people can prepare their betting strategy for the event.