Dota 2 Betting and Odds

Do you love watching or playing Defense of the Ancients 2 all day long? Do you want to take the game to the next level? Turn your passion into something worthwhile? This Dotа 2 betting website brings all things Dotа 2 in one place. It can show everything from the odds of upcoming tournaments to news articles so that you receive a superior Dotа 2 stream experience.

About Dotа 2

Defense of the Ancients 2 is the sequel to the first edition. After the launch had become a huge success which would rival even games such as League of Legends, the developers were quick to develop new strategies and events for the users. Gathering over 900,000 players every day, Dotа 2 is no longer “just a game.”

This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game was developed by Valve and is free to play by anyone who runs it on the steam. In Dota 2, we have teams made from five players – each of them controlling an individual hero. These teams can either play against non-player characters – or against other teams within Dota2 tournaments.  The purpose of the game is to get strong enough to protect their “ancient” while also attempting to destroy the “ancients” of the other teams.

Technically speaking, this game is exactly like a sport – say, football. Only instead of protecting your gate while shooting the ball in the opposite one, you’ll be protecting your tower while attempting to destroy your enemy’s tower.

Each game starts in the same manner. Two teams are set one against another, with their “ancients” on different sides of the map – while also having a river to separate them. The heroes are chosen based on the attributes that they possess, as well as their compatibility. For instance, some heroes are better suited to fight with a certain game style while others are more effective at defeating certain kind of enemies.

Here are some types of heroes that you can come across in Dotа 2:

  • Carriers: Originally weaker heroes that grow stronger with each match.
  • Initiators: Heroes which are mostly suited for beginning team fights.
  • Supports: Heroes that aid their team with skills such as healing spells.
  • Disablers: Heroes that can temporarily prevent members from the opposing team to take a certain action.
  • Pushers: They are great for taking down towers and conquering large sizes of a map.
  • Nukers: Can deal significant amounts of damage – even from the beginning of the game.
  • Durables: Can take on a lot of damage and are able to stay on the field for longer than the average hero.
  • Escapes: They have the ability to easily move around the area, going around unnoticed.
  • Lane Supports: Can aid their team in killing off enemy units from the start of the game.

Bear in mind that these roles are not exactly defined. Not only does each role branch out in other classifications, but a carrier, for example, can also be a pusher. It all depends on the skills that you’ll get in Dotа 2.

Making Money with Dotа 2 Betting Sites

Being currently the biggest eSport played at the moment, this release is hosting countless contests. Its price pool already reached millions, making it one of the most successful online sports in general. As a result of wagering on this platform, money will be making even more money once it starts flowing.

When it comes to Dotа 2 betting, you have to be very careful about the website that you choose. Not every Dotа 2 gambling site is the same – at least not when it comes to the prize pool. Some may offer small prizes while others can offer the skins of a lifetime.

And let’s face it; we all want to get stronger. It’s what allows us to protect the “Ancient.” This is why we are “stalking” the stores for skins and search for them within the game. Sadly, however, not all of us have the money or the skill to immediately go for either of the two – which leaves us the Dotа2 bet.

When you place a bet, you take a risk. If a certain team wins, you can get a skin. If the team loses, well… you lose. For this reason precisely, bets represent a less expensive alternative than direct purchases.

Indeed, we don’t choose most of our prizes – and there’s a high chance that you might receive duplicates as well. The advantage of most Dota 2 gambling sites, however, is that you can sell your duplicates for new betting funds – or use them as the main Dotа 2 bet material.

One good example of a proper betting website is Dota2Betz. Here you are able to look at the core betting principles, as well as which tournaments you can bet on along with strategies that you can use. Jump right into the steam once you see what our recommendations are!

Get into the Tournament

Most sports have a specific set schedule for their matches and only take a couple of days. Dota 2, on the other hand, is an eSport played all around the world at various times, so there’s always an event you can bet on.

If you’re wondering how to bet in Dota 2, it’s actually very simple – so simple that even a newbie can handle it. First of all, you need to install the game – and get good at it. No matter if you are a player or just a “watcher,” you won’t be able to place a smart bet if you don’t know what’s going on there.

After you have joined a team – or set your eyes on a particular one – start visiting eSports betting websites. There, you can to enter a Steam and start placing your bets. You can choose a variety of bets, from totals to match or handicap bets. If you follow the predictions properly, then you should reap a fair amount of winnings.

The most popular matches will receive odds, and therefore, you should see and decide for yourself which team is better. can bring these odds to you so that you have a great Dota 2 betting experience.

Betting on Dota 2 is risky for many since you never know what may happen – but as long as you follow the odds, you have a very good chance of winning the grand prize. So, join the community and become a pro!